Anyplace Control Review

Anyplace Control is one of the top selling remote control software that allows users to control a PC through the Internet or LAN. Anyplace Control is a program that displays the remote computer’s desktop on the local computer’s screen. You can use your mouse and keyboard to control the PC from a remote location. Furthermore, you can engage in file transfers, access applications, and improve productivity all with Anyplace Control. Anyplace Control is a fast and easy way to control your PC remotely.

Features & Pricing :

With Anyplace Control there are no annual fees whatsoever, unlike many other remote PC access software programs available today. There are plans from $38.95 that you pay one time only, which makes using Anyplace Control very convenient and affordable for almost any user. Anyplace Control software allows users to display your remote computer’s desktop in real time, use their own keyboard and mouse to control the remote computer, transfer files, copy text, data, and graphics from one PC to another, and to access the remote PC behind the firewall or router without any additional configuration.

Security & Reliability :

The system requirements for Anyplace Control remote PC access software is Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista. The Anyplace Control software makes use of security algorithms that make file and data transfers secure and reliable. In fact, these algorithms are very similar to those used by banking and financial institutions. All transferred data is encrypted with 128-bit encryption, has double password protection, and no open ports are required for the firewall, for added security. Furthermore, there is no information, passwords, or data stored on the Anyplace Control server. Other security features include IP filtering, compatibility with Windows NT security, and inhibition of full. 

Support :

Although Anyplace Control does have an extensive and knowledgeable support team, the company does encourage users to read through the FAQ section as well as the Anyplace Control User’s Manual, both of which contain many common solutions. If neither of those online resources answer a user’s questions, Anyplace Control can be contacted through the telephone (on working days only), Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, email, and their online contact form.

Summary :

Anyplace Control is an excellent and affordable remote PC control solution for both personal and professional users. The Anyplace Control team is always aiming toward improving their product to make it more efficient; more secure, and steps ahead of the competition. In the near future, we may see new features including text and audio chat between a remote user and administrator, connecting through proxy servers, faster refreshing, multi-monitor support, and much more. For the price, current features, and promise of constant innovation, Anyplace Control is the ideal remote PC access solution.

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