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We have chosen GoToMyPC as our top rated and best REMOTE PC CONTROL product. GoToMyPC had the highest ratings overall in Features & Pricing, Security & Reliability & Support.
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When you are shopping for any remote PC control software or program, you will definitely need to know what your needs are before handing over your money. Because remotely controlling any computer requires software to be reliable, secure, and efficient, it is a good idea to do your homework before settling on any one remote PC control software system. You should consider the features offered with the remote PC software, the security features offered, the speed of the connections, and of course the pricing.
One of the most important aspects of any remote PC control software system that you are considering is to make sure that it is compatible with your computer and the operating system. While some remote PC access services are compatible with a variety of platforms, many are not. In fact, some are intended only for Windows machines while others work only with Mac computers. Another important aspect of a remote PC software system is to check which mobile devices it will work with. Today, most remote PC software packages will work with PDAs, mobile phones, and PocketPCs but some have not made that leap.
Any good remote PC control system should offer the capability to synchronize your files, transfer files, images, and other data, and to access email, applications, and other network functions from a remote computer. Ideally, remote PC control software should also allow the remote user to hear sounds that are being played on the remote computer so that users are able to get the full experience. Furthermore, good remote PC control software packages will also offer features such as guest invite, copy and paste functionality between computers, keyboard locking and remote screen blanking, remote printing, and remote upgrading.
With remote PC control software, security should be of the utmost importance. Any and all remote PC access and control systems should be able to protect your system and date from any third party hacking or access, especially during vulnerable remote access sessions. A good remote PC will offer encrypted connections that can easily pass through existing firewalls when necessary. Furthermore, remote PC control programs should also offer password protection on several levels as well as additional security measures. Always research the levels of security offered by the remote PC control program in question.
As with shopping for any software program or other piece of technology, you should always do a little comparison shopping when it comes to remote PC control systems. There is a wide variety of remote PC control software programs out there which means that the choice between several of them may require a little extra knowledge and comprehension. It is important to consider the features offered with the software, the security levels taken, and the pricing. Many remote PC control plans are priced on a monthly basis while others are on a pay-per-use plan.


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