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If you wanted to make Hollywood looking videos, you would never go wrong with the Arcsoft Showbiz DVD. As its name implies, Arcsoft promises to give you a cutting-edge video when you use its software functionalities. Despite its simple appearance, Arcsoft is packed with video editing features that professionals will surely find to be very useful. It is made simple enough to take home and embed in your personal computer

Features :

The Arcsoft boasts of different video editing features. It can automatically detect scenes with its video capture functionality. It also has the usual timeline ability that lets you cut the video into a series of movie clips and make it easier for you to embed the audio into the scenes. Speaking of scenes, there are also lots of transition effects as well as text animations in the Arcsoft gallery. By using these you can add more flavor and art to your video clips and even turn out to evoke a certain theme.


Aside from the usual video clip, you can also craft a slideshow effect for your movie. You can either include this in the whole video clip product or simply refer to it as your draft for the stills of your video. The slideshow feature also comes with a pan and zoom capacity. As you eventually finish editing your video clip, you can take advantage of its quick file rendering compilation as well as turn it into a DVD file with your own customizable menu functions.

Ease of Use :

Arcsoft is made easier to transfer because you can conveniently hook up your camcorder into it and then let the video editing begin. You can also use a web cam to capture your video and simply let Arcsoft do the editing work for you. Any device is virtually compatible with Arcsoft. It also makes use of both photos and videos which can be easily dragged and arranged onto the software's storyboard so you can conveniently begin with your video editing process.


You can also conveniently put in more functionality in your video. With its easy to use interface, you can add subtitles or animated text embedded right on your clip. You can also utilize its wide array of graphic gallery for additional eye candy on your videos. There are also lots of fun frame features you can use and credits functionality that you can add either at the beginning or end of your video.

Pricing :

Although the Arcsoft is a bit great in terms of functionality and a wide range of features, it is a bit hard to swallow in terms of price. The Arcsoft usually retails for $99.99 which can extend to roughly more than a hundred bucks. With this price in mind, it might be a software investment for people who actually make video editing a daily job.

Customer Support and Help :

Customer support is diverse for Arcsoft users. You can get the usual dose of technical support and phone support services. Arcsoft also has a return policy made accessible through its website. It also has an online forum and a download center that can also be accessed through Arcsoft's website.

Summary :

All in all, Arcsoft is a good product. However, given its hefty price it might be a good investment for professionals but basic video editors might find it a bit too much.

All in all, Arcsoft is a good product. However, given its hefty price it might be a good investment for professionals but basic video editors might find it a bit too much.

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