Shopping at Online Auctions

Shopping using online auctions is fast becoming popular among those that shop online; many a bargain can be picked up by searching online auctions when they are used correctly and safely. Most online auction buyers are completely satisfied with their experience and have encountered no problems when using auctions. However 3 out of 10 buyers and half of the sellers have said that they have encountered problems. In order to gain the best and safest online auction experience a few simple rules should be followed in order to protect your self against fraud.

How do online auctions work?

The most popular online auction used worldwide is E-bay, anyone can offer just about anything they have and don’t want on an auction site like this. The auctions are frequented by people looking for bargains and collectors; you simply list your item and a starting price if you want and people looking for that particular item can search the auction and place a bid electronically on your item. The item will run a number of days during which time people can keep raising the price to their limit, when the auction time has ended the person who bid the highest amount wins the item. Payments are usually made by credit card, postal order, money transfer from your bank or by using a popular form of internet payment such as Pay pal which sends the money direct and is becoming the most popular form of online payment.

Are auction sites safe to use?

Many of the auction sites have a forum where users can leave feedback on other users or shops which they have bought from, a user who has shopped successfully and who has had no problem will leave a positive feedback for other members to read when thinking of buying from that user. So essentially a user with a 100% positive rating would be safe to buy from while one with a rating below 80% one should be wary of. Wherever possible pay by check, or use one of the popular sites such as Pay pal as your purchases will be covered when you buy this way.

Problems encountered when shopping at an auction site

The most common problem when shopping using an online auction site is the late delivery of items purchased, receiving items other than those specified was also listed as a common problem among buyers. Damaged items and items not being received at all were bottom in the survey. Sellers reported that common problems were late payments, non payment and buyers changing their mind once the auction had ended. Bottom of the list was buyer’s checks bouncing and the use of stolen credit cards.

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