Using Shopping Bots

Using a shopping bot to help you find the best deals online can greatly increase your chances of finding the item you want at the best possible price and in the least amount of time. A shopping bot will scour the internet for the best deals for you but how well do they work, listed below are some of the more popular ones and test results when searching for a particular item on each of them.

Bizrate is by far the most popular online shopping bot used with the site turning up a wide variety of prices for items. Bizrate make shopping online easy giving you the ability to order your search by date and cheapest to highest price. They also make it easy by offering products of a similar nature and quality but which are cheaper than your original item.

This is another popular search bot which focuses on delivering the lowest possible price to you anywhere on the net. The site is let down however by the inability to organise your search by anything other than price and several of the sites listed with the lowest prices where actually a different price once at their website.


Dealtime gives you great deals on items plus they give you information on the merchant themselves so you can evaluate if it’s worth taking the risk of shopping with a lesser known retailer. Pricing information was also very accurate when checking on the retailers website and they offered sorting by lowest to highest price, location of the store and included shipping costs in the price stated.

My Simon

My Simon turns up a great deal of websites offering cheap process but the initial results have to be sorted to find the cheapest to highest prices. Also the prices listed with My Simon varied greatly when checking them on the actual retailer’s website.

Price grabber

Price grabber is a very popular bot and it’s not hard to see why it’s a firm favourite, the best deal is listed at the top of the page and includes product reviews by customers. The rest of the results do require you to organise them by lowest to highest price, but the prices proved to be very reliable when checked on the retailer’s website. Price grabber also gave one of the biggest lists of the item and information on the retailers themselves including payment methods was excellent. Another additional bonus to using price grabber id the option of entering the item your looking for and the maximum price you wish to pay and they will email you with an alert when a suitable deal is found. This is definitely one of the best and easiest to use.


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