What you need to know

If you are new to online shopping then you will need to know how to start, where to go, how to find the best offers, how to pay for your purchases and how to shop safely online.

How shopping online works

When you shop online it’s very similar to shopping by catalogue but instead of looking at items on pages you view them on your monitor and choose products either by glancing through the online index or by using the search facility which many online stores have. Popular large stores will sell almost anything you could want; your favourite clothing store will sell clothes in all sizes the same as visiting your local store while supermarkets now offer you the choice of doing your weekly shop without the hassle of queuing in the checkout and will deliver your shopping right to your door. You can buy anything online by simply choosing what you want and clicking the add to basket button.

Finding online shops

If you know the type of shop that you want then you can go to one of the popular search engines and simply type in the name of the shop, or for example if you want to shop in DIY then simply enter DIY and hit search the results will show hundreds of websites. One of the advantages of shopping online is that you are not limited to shops within your home town; you can shop worldwide but do remember that shopping outside of your home country can result in costly delivery charges so make sure you understand the charge before clicking check out. Almost all the big high street shops where you regularly buy from will have websites and often when buying online items can be bought cheaper than buying in store even with delivery costs added. Another bonus is that by using the search facility it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds instead of having to manually search for a particular item yourself.

The shopping basket

The online shopping basket is just like joining the queue at your favourite store but without all the hassle, as you shop online you will choose items and add them as you go along to your electronic basket then when you have finished shopping you will hit checkout and your items will be clearly listed and the total amount of your shopping listed with any added delivery costs. Before you hit the checkout button make sure you have everything and that any sizes and colours are correct then click on the checkout or pay now button.

Checking out

Once you have made sure everything is correct then hit the check out or buy now button, you will be taken to a page asking you to enter your personal information and choose your method of payment. Always make sure the site has security measures in place before entering any credit card information then hit pay, the money will be taken from your account and an expected delivery time and review of your order will be emailed to you.



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