Lensmart Review

Throughout the years, more and more people have been looking to the internet to address their different needs and demands. It is only natural then, for optical providers like Lensmart to have an online presence for themselves as well, to provide their services in a more convenient and modern manner.

Overall Selection :

I do not have anything bad to say about the selection available in Lensmart – they have a vast selection of brands to choose from. I’m more partial to Acuvue, but there are also a lot of other major brands like Focus and Proclear for others who have different preferences.
There are also sales and special offers for customers. So you might want to check these out if you’re looking to get more value for your money. The difference between the two is that special offers have specific requirements you must meet before you can avail of the said offer. Sales on the other hand, have no requirements for you to get the particular item at a reduced rate. Whenever I visit, I always makes sure to check special offers first to see if they are applicable to what I need.

Delivery Options :

Another thing about Lensmart that I like is that it ships both within and outside the US. I was overseas once, and in need of a contact lens. The local optical shops were unfortunately, out of stock of what I wanted, so I ordered through Lensmart. Hassle free from start to finish.

Guarantee :

The return policies are outlined clearly in the website, so be sure to read this before any purchase. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced the need to return an ordered product, but it’s a great comfort to know that they have one, nonetheless.

Ease Of Use :

The website itself is easy to use, and all the functions, selections, and whatnot are easy to find. I had no difficulty navigating through the site during my first visit. There is also 27/7 customer support for any problems.

Website Security :

Lensmart guarantees the security of all the information sent to them, so there are no worries of credit fraud or identity theft.

Summary :

Lensmart is basically, a one stop shop for your optical needs – they even provide custom lenses (although this is understandably, not covered by the return policy, unless there is initial damage brought about by shipping). It’s a really easy way to get all your optical needs in just a few clicks.

Lensmart WebSite  ( http://www.lensmart.com )

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