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Acala provides a variety of software options.  Two of their popular items are the DVD ripper and the DVD copy programs.  The DVD ripper software is easy to use as it has the intuition to do the work for you and convert files with ease.  Acala DVD Copy also has an intuitive design making it easy to use.  You can make perfect copies of your DVDs with ease at all times.  The process is fast only taking 1/5 of playback time of a movie.  Twenty-four hour customer support is always available with the Acala DVD Copy Software.

Introduction :

Ease of Use :

The Acala DVD Copy and the Acala DVD ripper have been designed to be easy to use.  Both programs have an intuitive design.  It is as if they do most of the work and use the proper settings on their own.  These programs are advanced and offer the highest quality solutions but are still easy enough for anyone to use.  Even if you do get stuck using one of the products you can always contact customer support in order to receive even more assistance and answers to your questions.  These programs truly are fast and easy to use.

Copying Features :

The Acala DVD ripper is able to easily covert movies to AVI, VVD and SVCD format.  Subtitle and track selections are available.  One-click settings are available with the Acala DVD ripper.  An intuitive design makes it possible to convert files with ease.  A preview playback is also available.

The Acala DVD Copy program easily creates backups of DVDs.  The movies will be exact copies and have the highest quality.  You can backup DVDs with a simple click of the computer.  Backups can even be placed on the hard disk.  Movies can be burned onto both DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) discs.  Movies can be copied in as little as 1/5 the time it takes to play the movies.  DVD-5/DVD-9 movies can be copied to DVD-9 dual layer discs.  Users can maintain or even decide to remove certain sub-titles and audio tracks when copying a movie.  This program is backed by 24/7 customer support.

Pricing :

Acala DVD copy is priced at $39.95 USD.  The Acala DVD ripper is priced at $34.95.  These products are priced well.  They offer quality services and ease of use as great prices.  Acala offers products that are actually priced lower than the products of many of the competition.  A variety of other products are also available; all at excellent prices.

Support :

From the support page customers can access step-by-step guides for each of the Acala products.  These guides help to answer questions and teach consumers how to use the products with ease. If you still have questions, you are able to use the MSN live chat support.  Email support addresses are also available for those who have additional questions.

Conclusion :

Summary :

Acala Software options are priced well.  They offer ease of use and versatility.  These products are reliable and filled with useful features. 



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