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We have chosen Ticketnetwork as our top rated and best ONLINE EVENT TICKETS product. Ticketnetwork had the highest ratings overall in Overall Selection, Ease of Use, Other Features, Customer Service & Security and Reliability.
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Thankfully, the days of standing in mile-long queues, camping overnight in front of the box office counter, or paying a high premium for sports tickets, concert tickets, Broadway show tickets, or even Vegas show tickets, have long gone. Today, those tickets are within easy reach. In fact, with just a few clicks of a button ... they’re right there at your fingertips.


However, before you go online to buy concert tickets, discount show tickets, or London theatre tickets, there are a few important things you’ll need to know and do, lest your ticket hunt ends in disappointment, and you’re left staring at a “Sold Out” board. After all, that ticket has priceless value, considering that it has the power to get you within hand-shaking distance from your favorite celebrities.


Set sight on the right sites


Top sports events, concerts and theatre is BIG biz, so don’t be surprised if you come across an overwhelming number of websites selling Broadway show tickets, concert tickets, discount show tickets, London theatre tickets, sports tickets, or Vegas show tickets online. However, just as there are numerous sites selling such tickets, there are also many among them who’ll be out to scam you.


What’s important therefore, is to be extremely selective in WHICH site you deal with. Chose at least 3 sites selling tickets to the event of interest to you then research them as much as you can. Don’t go by the sound of a great ticket price. Look out for full mailing addresses and telephone numbers that you can back-check with. Don’t part with your cash or credit card details, unless you’re fully convinced that the site you’ve selected seems legitimate and genuine enough.


Focus on facts that matter


Buying online Broadway show tickets, concert tickets, discount show tickets, sports tickets, London theatre tickets, or Vegas show tickets may seem easy, but you’ll need solid answers to some pertinent questions about the sites selling them. How genuine are their credentials? Have they won any certificates or awards in event ticket sales? Are they charging an unjustifiable premium over and above the face value of the ticket? How high or low are their service fees? Are their shipping options reliable? What payment/refund policy options are they giving you? What security systems have they in place? How reliable is their customer service? Do they, or can they provide reliable seating charts? These are but a few of the many important questions that need answers BEFORE you part with your money and buy your tickets.


View online site reviews


One of the most reliable methods to gather information, and which will help you understand which site will be reliable to deal with, is to read online site reviews. Just as there are an unlimited number of sites selling Broadway show tickets, concert tickets, discount show tickets, sports tickets, London theatre tickets, or Vegas show tickets, there are an equal number of extremely honest and unbiased online reviews of such sites, too. So, take time out to view such reviews. They’ll provide you with a wealth of positive or negative indicators to help shape your decision on WHERE and HOW to buy your tickets.


Remember, the more reliable the ticket-selling site, the more chances you’ll have to get a better view of the action on stage, field or stadium.


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