Cheap Flowers Review

If you are looking for affordable, but quality flowers and gifts is the place for you. Their name says it all, where other delivery services may require you to pay additional fees for taxes, delivery and other such things, does not charge you anything more than what you see.

Guarantee :

CheapFlowers offers a guaranteed of satisfaction and not other real information in regards to any guarantee. It is suggested that you contact the company prior to any purchases, to ensure what type of guarantee is offered on their products and delivery service.

Ease Of Use :

Most of the information is straight forward and easily found. When it comes to ordering there are a few things that could become confusing. Once you have chosen your product and the pricing range that is suitable for you, you will add it to "your cart". You will then have the option of adding some extra's to your order to compliment it. If you look a little further down you see an option to deliver the product to one or more addresses or place your order as is.

Overall Selection :

CheapFlowers has a wide variety of products that are available for many different occasions. It is important to note that the flowers that are on display upon their website are not necessarily the same flowers the recipient will receive, these photographs are examples of the arrangement.

Delivery Options :

CheapFlowers offers extensive delivery options. They deliver nationwide for the price you see upon checkout, they do not charge any extra fees for delivery, wire, or other surcharges. Same day delivery is available during the week provided that orders are placed prior to 12:00 PM within the respective time zone for delivery. They offer delivery between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Website Security :

They offer great security efforts  to their customers to keep their personal and identifying information safe from hackers and other unauthorized users. They use SSL encryption and ensures that all information is kept confidential.

Summary :

Overall,, is an excellent flower delivery service that has a wide variety of flowers and other gifts available for all occasions and sentiments. Aside from the little information provided in regards to a guarantee, and contact information overall they provide a good deal of services to their customers. Again you will want to make sure the product you order is the one you want, because the photographs that accompany the product description is not necessarily the product you will get.

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