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We have chosen American Greetings as our top rated and best ONLINE GREETING CARDS product. American Greetings had the highest ratings overall in Range of Cards, Quality of Cards, Pricing, Ease of Use & Customer Support.
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The internet has totally changed the physics of human relationships today. The world seems a much smaller place to live in. Boundaries and borders seem less intimidating, and there are many ways to work around vast distances and different time zones. We have more contacts, acquaintances and friends, and we can correspond and communicate with them in a pace and frequency never before possible with the telephone (unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on telephone bills) and written correspondence.

This is why the concept of the online greeting card is one of the most popular services found on the World Wide Web today. It’s a high-tech, modern, and innovative way to send out greetings and messages to loved ones and contacts whatever the occasion, where ever they are.

A Better Way to Express

In many ways, online greeting cards have won over people simply because of the convenience of the whole thing. Here’s why:


First of all, no ordinary paper-based greeting card service can offer the amount of choices available to subscribers. Many quality online greeting card services have a large database of available designs, greetings, and templates. If the customer is feeling a bit creative, there is also the option to add personal photos or create his or her own design using materials available on the website. And if you’re the kind who still likes to send greetings the old fashioned way, there’s that option too, as many services let you print out the greeting for yourself, or have them mail it for you.

High Standards

Good online greeting card services invest a lot on acquiring the best designs, music, video clips, and messages they sell to subscribers. They also make sure that a client’s message, no matter how ordinary, is private, and only the intended recipient gets to read it.


Of course, one must always consider price. But subscription fees are minimal, ranging from about $17 to $23 a year. Others also give discounts for bulk orders, such as greetings for businesses and corporate needs. All in all, you still get to save more or less half of what it would cost to send out your greetings the old-fashioned paper-based way. Now that’s what you call value for money.

User Friendly
A good online greeting card service provides adequate and easy to understand instructions on how to use the features available on their site. Frequently asked questions are immediately addressed, so users are seldom confused. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or artist to make great greetings, all you have to do is read the manual and let your creativity take it from there.

Customer Service

If you still find yourself in a fix, want to clarify an instruction in the manual, check on shipping and sending details, or just need to ask some general questions, online greeting card services also provide round the clock customer support for their subscribers. This shows a dedication to the customer and attention to his or her individual needs.


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