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This bag is extremely well made.  It is one that can allow you to dress up, dress down or carry just because you want to.   I could not have been more satisfied with overall service and product variety when it came to handbags.  If you are looking for quality handbags, try Stauer.  You have guaranteed privacy and security, with great customer service.  You have nothing to lose by shopping with this great company online store.  You are shopping with ease knowing that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you become a member with Stauer, you get automatic discounts and further specials off of their already great prices.  I have been telling all of my friends to shop at Stauer.

Overall Selection :

Stauer not only has a great variety of handbags, but other items as well.  I was very pleased with the Stauer site, and definitely pleased with my bag!  The pictures on the site offer very fine detail and have reviews if there have been some left by customers.  I will say that the one review left by a pleased customer helped me finalize my decision on buying the bag.  The payment option for Stauer is any major credit card.
, phone, physical mailing address, and fax.  You are guaranteed 100% satisfaction, or you may return with no questions asked.

Ease of Use :

     Stauer online is very convenient in its layout.  I had no problems with the ease of shopping, checkout, and payment.  It is a very easy site to maneuver.  The product descriptions are very detailed.  You can almost picture it not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.  I had a great idea of what I was buying based on the product definition.

Other Features :

     Stauer offers an awesome opportunity to join their Preferred Customer Club.  This will allow you to get up to a 10% discount on future orders.  When you sign up, which I did, you get an automatic 10% discount, and a one-time gift coupon for $100 dollars!  I was in complete heaven.  I do plan to shop at Stauer for further needs.  Shipping is based on how much you spend. 

Customer Service :

     You can contact Stauer by email, phone, physical mailing address, and fax.  You are guaranteed 100% satisfaction, or you may return with no questions asked.

Security and Reliability :

     Stauer is secured by GEOTrust.  The Better Business Bureau online also backs them.  I felt really good about my Stuar product and their site legitimacy.

Summary :

     Stauer is definitely at the top of my list.  Not only do they have great products and discounts, but also allow you to further your discounts by becoming a club member.  This site has a little bit of something for everyone.  I will definitely be using the Stauer site again.  It is very easy to use, and there is a great question and answer section so you can clear up any issues you have right away.  If not, they have many ways that you can obtain great customer service.

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