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If you look at the statistics, it’s really not too encouraging – each year, 9 million Americans have their identity stolen. It isn’t a small thing to have your identity stolen – it’s a hassle to clear your name, and you usually get to suffer for the crimes and fraudulent actions committed by the thief. 

Identity theft is the source of many sleepless nights, worrying about what’s going to happen to you, your credit and reputation hanging in the balance. Just imagine waking up one day to find yourself in loads of debt and trouble because someone misrepresented you and stole your identity.  

Features :

Pricing :

Features :

To protect you against identity fraud, there is Protect My ID. Protect My ID is a service where your identity is protected and monitored, and just in case something makes it through, Protect My ID also helps you resolve identity theft problems. 
What I really like about Protect My ID is the full-service package they offer. The bad thing about some other identity protection services is that they don’t give enough follow through. I am aware that there is no such thing as 100% complete protection, and Protect My ID is decent enough to recognize that fact by providing one on one service just in case an incident happens.  

Another beauty is that Protect My ID monitors all three major credit card reporting bureaus so that you are immediately alerted to any attempts to commit fraud in your name. Reports are regular but not frequent enough to be annoying. Plus the $1 million guarantee, it’s a sure fire way to get protected.   

Pricing :

For a small fee of almost $10 a month, I’d say this service is pretty affordable. 120 bucks a year is a small price to pay for the security of your identity. Identity theft may not happen to everybody, but there’s always the chance that it could happen to me or to a member of my family, so being protected is always the best choice to make. Compared to risking suffering the hassle and possible massive financial loss that comes with identity theft, it’s really a bargain. There’s also a 30 day free trial program, which I availed of just to see how their program works, which in turn, convinced me to sign up with the program. 

Summary :

All in all, this Protect My ID does its job well with its full-service features. And for just a small amount of money for a year, plus a free 30 day trial, its good value for money.

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