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One of the most common forms of theft today is identity theft. What’s even more dangerous about this is that you do not even know that something has been stolen from you already. You are unaware of the crime until it is usually too late to do anything about it. 

Features :

Trusted ID does not just protect individual consumers and families but businesses as well. For the consumers, Trusted ID offers what is called the IDFeeze while for businesses Trusted ID offers Data Breach Response Center.  

IDFreeze is actually an identity theft protection package. Being so, it begins protecting your and your family by blocking anyone attempting to get credit accounts in your name without permission. Trusted ID also requires all lenders to double check and verify your identity first before giving out credit to your name. Even utility service subscription approval needs verification with you too. If any account is applied lenders would have to call the fraud alert number given by Trusted ID so you will be informed by Trusted ID about any changes in your file. 
With IDFreeze, third parties will not be able to get your credit report without seeking permission from you first. Trusted ID will make it a point that your name and your information are removed from all solicitors’ list. Not only will you be protected from identity theft, you will not be bothered by unsolicited offers too.  

In additional to that, part of the IDFreeze package is making sure that your medical plans are only being used by you and your family. You will also receive a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus automatically each year. This way you will able to monitor whether there are any items that should not be there. Trusted ID even goes a step further by scanning the online black market if your information is included in any of the listing being sold and bought online.  

When you get IDFreeze, Trusted ID does not only protect you from identity theft. Trusted ID offers a one million warranty to all subscribers should one become a victim to such crime while under their protection. You will at least have some money to regain your good name and good credit. Included in the warranty is up to $5,000 of lost wages too.  

Pricing :

Trusted ID offers you two options for making your payments. You can get a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan offers a discount. Compared to the $10 per month per individual and $19.99 per month per family, a yearly plan would be billed $8.25 and $15.83 per month respectively.  
This is such a very minimal investment for the amount of protection you are going to get. This lets you have peace of mind so it really is worth spending on. 

Summary :

The IDFreeze is a comprehensive package. Trusted ID surely has this product well-thought so as to provide the best protection to ordinary people like you and me including our families.

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