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Editors Comments: GoToMeeting is currently our number 1 pick in online conferencing and meeting solutions. We strongly recommend you take their 30 day free trial at www.gotomeeting.com .

GotoMeeting is one of several on-line on-demand collaborative applications developed by Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. Based in Santa Barbara, California, more than 20,000 businesses and hundreds of thousands of individual subscribers are using Citrix Online’s applications.

Ease of Use :

GotoMeeting is quite easy to use. First, you register for an account online to create your identity (user name and password). Once this is done, you are authorized to host an unlimited number of online meetings with anyone, even if he or she is not a GotoMeeting member. Next, you download the NetMeeting software to your PC. This is quite simple and fast process. It is also automatic, i.e., no configuration is needed. This will then allow you to host and join online meetings with just a few clicks. It is that simple!

Features :

The intuitive interface feature of GotoMeeting allows you to setup, invite, and implement an online meeting almost immediately. There is no need for any training for this application.  Its features include: One Click Meeting, where Meet Now buttons are incorporated into the email and instant messaging applications of the members for one-click online meeting participation; MSOutlook and Lotus Notes Integration, which allows you to immediately participate from your Outlook and Lotus Notes applications; Share Keyboard and Mouse Control, which allows you to securely share your desktop with the participants and selectively turn over control of the keyboard and mouse functions to them; and, Desktop Recording and Playback, which allows you to record the online meeting for later playback and distribution.

Speed and Reliability :

Like any on-line session, the speed and reliability of the session is really dependent on the speed of Internet access and the number of participants. It is especially true when you need to discuss and review documents on-line. In terms of reliability, NetMeeting scores high. The applications are virtually bug-free and the encryption it uses ensures security and confidentiality of all online meetings, lectures, and the like, whether it is for a small group or a large one.

Pricing :

GotoMeeting can be availed of for either a monthly subscription fee of US$ 49 or an annual subscription fee of US$ 468. As a paying member, you will be able to host several online meetings of up to 15 participants each (member or non-member). Voice conferencing is standard with both subscription packages. Several other subscription packages are available for larger participant meetings. Compared to others, NetMeeting’s rates are quite affordable. Considering further the savings you realize by not needing to travel to attend a meeting makes the subscription quite cost effective.

Support :

Support is provided both on-line as well as via an 1800 phone calls. If the query can wait an email can be sent, with turnaround mostly within 24 hours.


Summary :

NetMeeting is a practical way to conduct meetings with people who have access to a computer and Internet. Whether you are holding a simple meeting among friends, or conducting a major conference with hundreds of participants across the country or even abroad, online meeting applications like NetMeeting make these activities simple and affordable to do.

Go To Meeting WebSite  ( http://www.gotomeeting.com )

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