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Online Tax Preparation Services and Software Buying Guide

It is almost that time a year again when everyone will be scrambling to file his or her income taxes.  Fortunately, there are many options for preparing and filing your income taxes online.  Finding a reliable tax preparation service does not need to be difficult if you follow a few simple tips.  There are a few key features that you should look for in any online tax preparation software. 


Affordable Pricing

Search for an online tax preparation service that offers an affordable price.  Compare the price and features of more than one service to ensure that you find the best deal.  Prices are generally higher for those who have complex tax requirements.  For instance, you will probably pay more if you are a business owner or if you own rental properties.  

E-file options

Most tax preparation services that you find online do allow you to e-file.  This is the fastest and easiest ways to submit your taxes.   Some services make it possible for you to e-file your federal income taxes but not your state taxes.  Try to find a service that will allow you e-file both taxes quickly.

State Income Tax Options

Search for a tax preparation service online that offers both federal and state income tax services.  Many programs are designed to transfer your details from your federal tax return to your state tax return.  This makes it faster and easier for you to complete and file your state tax forms.  

Customer Support

When selecting a sales tax preparation service online, look for one offering excellent customer support.  Since you are not dealing with an accountant, you will want to make sure you can receive help when needed.  Some services offer live support for your general and technical questions.  Others only offer email support or a support form.  In cases like these it can take a little longer to receive help and support at the time that it is needed.  


Obviously, when you are preparing tax returns online, you will be entering a great deal of sensitive information.  Make certain that the service you use is safe and secure.  This is a good reason to ask around to find others who have used the service to make sure that the entire process was secure and that their information was protected.

Ease of Use

You will also want to make sure the tax preparation service that you select online is easy to use.  Many services have step-by-step instructions.  In most cases it would be next to impossible to make an error when filing your taxes.  Again you can read customer reviews and feedbacks to learn about the ease of use of the services.

Error Protection

Another key point to look for in an online tax preparation is to make certain they have error protection.  This means that if the software makes an error on your returns, the tax preparation service will pay any penalties and interest that you incur.  


Take your time when selecting the best online tax preparation form.  Look for all the features that you need.  You will particularly want to make sure you find a program that is safe, secure and easy to use. 


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