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TaxHawk makes it simple for you to prepare, print and e-file your tax returns.  They also offer options for filing state tax returns. This tax preparation system is efficient and easy to use for anyone.  They offer additional services if you want to ensure that you have an excellent copy of your tax returns for your records.  You can start your tax form in seconds.   If you are unable to complete your tax returns in one sitting, you can save your progress and continue later. You can also check your e-file status by clicking that option on the website.

Overall Features :

TaxHawk features allow you to prepare your income tax returns with ease.  You can then e-file your federal income tax returns.  For most states you can also prepare and then e-file your state taxes as well.  You will also be able to print a copy of your tax returns for your own records.  TaxHawk services include free customer service and technical support.  All information that you enter is safe and secure. 

Speed & Ease Of Use :

TaxHawk offers a simple way to file your federal and tax returns.  You can enter all your income and related information in order to have your returns prepared with ease. By using TaxHawk, you will not need to download any software, but rather you can create your own account.  Sign in to your account to make updates or to continue your tax returns.  You have the option to e-file your tax returns.  In doing so, you can receive your refund very quickly. will take care of your taxes from preparation and filing to receiving your tax returns.  You will be hard pressed to find an easier way to file your income taxes.

Pricing : offers free options for preparing, printing and e-filing your federal income tax returns.  However you will need to pay to file your state income tax returns.  The cost for this service is $12.95.  If your gross income for the year falls below $20,000, the service will then be FREE.   

Of course, you can print a copy of your tax returns for your records.  If you want a professional copy of your return, you can order one for $6.95.  Bounded copy of your state and federal tax returns can also be obtained for $12.95.  For the same price, you can receive a CD-ROM copy of your tax returns.  For up to five years after filing a tax return you will be able to print out your own copy of your tax returns.   

This service is a great value since many options are free.  You must pay to e-file your state returns, however, this is sill at a low cost.

Customer Support : does offer customer support.  Customers can contact them with general questions as well as technical support.  The support form can be accessed from the customer support page.  They also offer a list of common questions and their answers that customers can search through if they have a quick question.

Summary :

TaxHawk offers a simple and cost effective way to file your income taxes.  You can use their website in order to prepare, print and even e-file federal income taxes as well as state income taxes.  It is free to prepare and file federal income taxes.  There is a charge to file state income taxes unless your income falls below $20,000 for the year. 

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