Survey Scout Review

Survey Scout provides people with the information they need to make extra money from home.  They offer access to a list of companies that will actually pay people to take surveys and sometimes even to participate in focus groups

Value :

Survey Scout is available right now for $34.95, which is good value.  They are also offering other paid to programs along with the Survey Scout Survey program.  There are other sites on the Internet that offer paid to programs at $20 or more apiece so this offers customers even better value.  Survey Scout also provides a 45-day money back guarantee.  You do not have much to lose when signing up for Survey Scout.   

Easy Sign-Up/Ordering Process :

The signup process for Survey Scout is straightforward.  Anyone interested can sign up online or through mail.  The online process is simple as well as being secure.  Those interested can sign up and can actually star using the Survey Scout program within a few minutes.  Those who sign up through the mail will need to wait for their request to be processed.  However, even that process is made easy.  Anyone clicking on the mail option will have a form that they can fill out online and then print in order to send to HedgeStone Group, which is the parent company for Survey Scout.

Trustworthy :

Many users have rated Survey Scout positively.  They do appear to be very trustworthy.  The website is well laid out with a great deal of information provided.  They provide a contact tab for people with questions.  Survey Scout members can access contact information from the member page.  Individuals who are not yet members can also ask questions.  There are also customer testimonials that can be found on the page to show how other people have liked the Survey Scout system. 

Security of Ordering Process
A ClickBank ordering process and form is used.  Clickbank offers a secure ordering process and protection for people who are ordering online.  The ordering section is secure and people can feel safe that their personal information will not fall into the wrong hands.  If someone is still unsure about ordering line, they have another option.  Joining Survey Scout is also made possible by mailing a signup form along with a check or money order.  Some people might prefer this method to ordering online for added security.  The ordering process is Netscape and Microsoft secure. 

Ease of Use (of website) :

The Survey Scout website is easy to navigate.  There are navigation tabs so that visitors can easily access contact information, FAQ”s and other key points of the website.  For current members of Survey Scout, there is an easy login option.  When people sign up for Survey Scout, they can also benefit from an easy to use system.  There are tutorials and other guides to help members find the information they need.  There are at lest 400 companies listed that people can receive payment for surveys.

Summary :

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